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About company

“Domestic Service” is a leading domestic staff agency that has been operating on the Ukraine’s market as from 2006.
Since that time we have provided more than 2000 families in Kyiv and across Ukraine, USA, Europe  with different home personnel. Our agency is built around the clients’ individual needs so we always achieve success.

Every client is important for us, and we are proud of the long-tern cooperation we have managed to establish.

We offer the following household staff: nannies, housekeepers, maids, governesses, tutors, cooks, gardeners, domestic couples, chauffeurs, companions etc.

Why us?
Confidence and reliance. Entrust your key to a reliable person!

We know that the inner harmony, calmness, confidence, privacy, mutual understanding, and trust are essential for every home and every family… and the list is never-ending. So when selecting domestic staff we keep to our main rule that your key should be entrusted to a reliable person.

Experience and professionalism. Personal approach to be the basis of a positive home environment.

We have been present in the market of home staff services for 7 years and provided over 1000 families with domestic staff. We have established long-term cooperation with our constant clients, and some of our domestic staff and household personnel have been working with us since the date of our establishment.

One can say that we have both the dynasties of staff who work hand in hand with each other, and the dynasties of customers who order their domestic staff with the help of our agency. Experienced and first class personnel share their positive experience with others. The most experienced housekeepers and maids teach in our school of housekeeping.

We offer formal employment for our candidates.


Our life is always on the run, and nowadays the modern family needs versatile and highly skilled staff. New professions and equipment have changed the approach to the domestic service, and for example the senior care (not to mention the child care) is rather different from what was offered 10 year ago.

We understand all these nuances and take them into account when doing our work. All our candidates must have excellent references from previous families, high level of experience, solid background and skills. In addition to that we provide our candidates with continuous education and training on the basis of our own training school.

We cater to clients from Europe, Asia, Africa, and USA. So we have the staff with the respective work experience in those countries, and we also have foreign employers who request certain categories of personnel from us.

Particular attention is paid to attraction of professionals with the European education, for example, the graduates from the Governesses School in London. The diploma of this school is valued so highly, that members of the British royal family recruited nurses and governesses from the school.



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