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Anyone who is plunged into the modern life of a big city would agree that the most part of a day is dedicated to the work and time spent on getting to and from it and very little time is left for the family and oneself. If we add to that any dance, yoga, foreign language classes or anything else, once back at home, drained and tired, we would hardly think of any cooking or house cleaning, all that we need is a little snack and shower before bed. Plus the couch with a cosy pillow, TV with evening news and PC with Internet tempt to join them. For the same reason the vacuum cleaner, wipes, swabs or pans are not much welcomed by us on weekends.

Yet having a family makes a person to take care of the household responsibilities. Parents, whatever tired they are, will never leave their children without their everyday meals. And the double burden is laid on a working woman who still remains to be a washer, seamstress and cook for her family. A good wife wants to make sure that her husband has clean socks, her child has a tasty pudding, and at the same time she cannot miss her visit to a manicurist.

People work hard to have an adequate remuneration, to be able to develop themselves and bring comfort to their lives. A modern domestic staffing agency is able to customize the housekeeping solutions to meet any need at a reasonable price. As an option one can use the services of a lady assistant who will visit your home once or twice a week and will do all cleaning job, wash and iron your clothes, cook useful and tasty meals. She can also walk your dog, bring the clothes from the dry cleaner or pay the bills for you.

When the agency helps you find a housekeeper you are always sure to have a tidy, neat, and reliable professional who knows how to deal with your clothes or home appliances to avoid any damage. All of our proposed candidates have relevant work experience and references, many of them have been trained at our school. You will be able to have an interview with a few ladies and assess the professional qualities of each of them which altogether will provide you and your home with added safety and security.

Another important aspect to be considered is a fee your housekeeper will charge you. Nowadays any average-income person can afford this. The services of a housekeeper are rated between UAH 120 and UAH 150 (USD /EUR/ 5) per hour. And this is the price you pay for a free evening or weekend in addition to your household management issues solved.

We are always ready to assist you. “Domestic Service” agency is your key to comfort.


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