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Personal or family chauffeur should meet the following criteria:
  • at least 5 years of prior experience
  • available references
  • good familiarity with the Kyiv area and vicinity
  • no bad habits
  • personable and well-mannered
  • foreign languages skills (if required)
  • being car-literate
  • ability to follow etiquette and keep subordinate position

The working schedule may vary and may have fixed or extended hours. The chauffeur may work using his own or employer’s car as shall be agreed by the parties.

Chauffeur’s duties include:

  • providing the car at prearranged time
  • running errands (both of private and professional nature) of the employer and other members of the family
  • timely expense reporting
  • ensuring that the car is in a good condition (washing, technical maintenance) at all times and has enough fuel

We have personal, family chauffeurs, chauffeurs-bodyguards, and chauffeurs with own car available for your.


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