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Our governesses are the teachers who have higher education in the filed of humanities or teaching. In addition to their teaching experience they also have gained practice and skills of working with children in families.

The main task of any governess is to provide a child with a good comprehensive education. The governess has to focus on your child so the more additional duties she has the less time she will be able to spend with your son or daughter. For this assignment you may also invite a male tutor.

Governess services fees:

full-time daily employment

from UAH  150 - 200 per hour

part-time daily employment

UAH 200 - 250 per hour

24-hour basis

UAH 1500 - 2800 per 24 hour

live-in basis

from UAH 28000 in Ukraine

2000 - 3000 $ in USA, Canada



Male tutor services fees:

full-time daily employment

UAH 150 - 200 per hour

part-time daily employment

UAH 200 - 300 per hour


Governess for a child of preschool age
Based on your wishes the governess may be employed on a full time basis or work only few hours a day. In case of a part-time employment your governess may take your child from the kindergarten, have some outdoor activities and then proceed to the studies.

The governess may teach your children about the culture, take them to exhibitions and museums, i.e. take part in their esthetic education. Yet the main task of a governess should focus on preparing the children for school (to teach them to read, write, count, develop their speech and memory). It is very important how psychologically and emotionally your kid will be prepared for school.

Governess for a child of school age
To be able to work with school age children the governess should be familiar with the school program. Nowadays schools introduce rather complicated programs and not all children can manage to deal with the program independently without help. The governess will always assist your child to do the homework and check it.

Many governesses have some extra education in addition to the professional teacher’s one.  They may be trained to teach arts, music or foreign languages.

Our agency can offer the governess who shall teach your child one or several additional disciplines as you choose. The governess’s duties may also include arranging the daily routine for the child, ensuring the child's hygiene, she may accompany your children to the sports or swimming lessons, etc.


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