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Housekeeper services fees:

from UAH 1300 – graduates of our school of housekeeping

UAH 1500 – UAH 2000 – experienced staff

one-time comprehensive cleaning – UAH 100  per sq.m.

live- in basis UAH 35,000 in Ukraine

               $ US 2,000 - 3,000 for Canada and USA

Factors involved in assessing the cost:
size of the home (area to be cleaned)
scope of duties (cleaning, laundry, ironing, preparing meals, buying food, paying bills, care for flowers, pets etc.)
number of people in the household level of experience

What will your housekeeper do for you? Duties and responsibilities may include, but not limited to the following:

Cleaning of an apartment or a residential house. Deep cleaning of all living areas including kitchen and bathrooms. Dusting and dump dusting. Care of wardrobe and shoes. Al types of laundry: hand-washing, sorting and further washing clothes using a washing machine, dry cleaning of clothes and other things. Ironing and using a steamer for the VIP wardrobe. Daily shoe care.

Cooking meals. Depending on your taste you may agree in advance whether ordinary meals or particular menus shall be cooked. If exclusive dishes and dainty food are among your favorite ones and not every restaurant will manage to meet your special requirements an experienced chef is available for you at our agency.

Buying food. If you do not buy food by yourself you may order this type of service. The housekeeper shall buy food and provide you with the expense report.

Pets and flowers care. This type of service is referred to an extra one therefore it should be additionally specified in the contract if there are some pets (dogs, fishes, hamster) or flowers in the household which need care.

Miscellaneous. Your housekeeper may vary in extras she would do depending on the circumstances. She may pay your bills, take clothes to the dry cleaners or take things to repairs. It will be up to you which type of daily errands (as well as any other duties) your housekeeper may have from time to time.

If you live in a residential house a domestic couple could be your perfect solution.


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