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Baby nurses (care for children of up to 2 years old)

When selecting a baby nurse we prefer ladies having medical or pedagogical education. So we may invite pediatricians, maternity nurses, visiting nurses, teachers from kindergartens and schools. If a baby nurse is not highly educated but has gained a wealth of knowledge in childcare we also offer her for your consideration.

We check the passports, diplomas, certificates, and employment history of all our applicants. Every prospective baby nurse is subject to an interview with the psychologist and a thorough medical examination. First time applicants shall be checked for the criminal history background and their family companionship (family environment).

A good modern baby nurse has to possess some basics of medicine and know the methods of newborn baby care, principles of infant feeding, massage, and should be able to apply the methods of early childhood development within a particular family.

We offer a trial period for you to let your child get acquainted with the baby nurse before you hire your selected candidate. Normally 1-2 days are enough for a family to make an impression about the baby burse and decide if she is the right person for them. If you feel that you need more time to make the choice we may extend this trial period for up to 14 days upon your request. If, upon the expiry of the said term, the candidate fails to meet your expectations we shall offer another baby nurse for free.

Basic duties of a baby nurse:

  • preparation of meals for a child;
  • following the daily routine and hygiene requirements (walks, bathing);
  • laundry and ironing of child’s clothes;
  • child development activities;
  • cleaning the child’s room;
  • taking care of the child’s things.

Baby nurse services fees:

Full-time daily employment

from UAH 150 to UAH 200 per hour

2 to 5 hours per day

from UAH 200 to UAH 300 per hour

24-hour basis

from UAH 1500 to UAH 2800 per 24 hour

live-in basis

from UAH 35000 in Ukraine

2000 - 3000 $ in USA, Canada

Nannies (care for children aged from 2 to 6 years old)

Our agency offers qualified nannies to work with children from 2 years old and until they reach their school age. You shall be able to suggest an individual work schedule for your nanny, i.e. full-time employment, few hours a day or offer a live-in job.

In addition to comprehensive childcare services our nannies shall ensure the developmental growth of your child and play with the child or perform other interesting activities following your instructions or established childhood development program. These activities shall help the smaller child get prepared to a kindergarten and shall facilitate the elder child to get prepared to a school or gymnasium. A highly qualified nanny can not only take care of your child and participate in the child's physical development but also teach music, painting, and foreign languages. The highly qualified nanny must know the age related psychology and physiology, possess the basics of medical child care, be familiar with the children's diet peculiarities, have experience of preparation of meals for children, be able to make a menu depending on the age and individuality of a child.

Most of our nannies are the teachers with higher education diplomas, yet in some cases we offer experts trained in other fields who have gained the skills and the knowledge related to the childhood development and can apply them in a proper way. You may select the said candidate who may turn to be as useful for your child as a professional nanny.

Our agency will help you find the nanny who has good educational background and a broad experience of working with families, as well as the staff who have been already employed by the families with the help of our agency. We check their references, and you shall be also able to do it yourselves by making a call to the family that previously employed your prospective nanny. Our nannies have all necessary documents: passport, medical certificate, diploma of education, and employment history records.


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