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Staff background check

Currently we have screened many candidates and created a vast database of the personnel who have been employed through our agency and have good references. These candidates are 100% trustworthy.
In addition to the check of the documents, medical history, psychological testing and references provided with have also introduced a new candidate testing instrument in 2012.
HCS Integrity Check is an effective professional instrument for the evaluation of the loyalty and reliability of your personnel.
The testing system is advised:
  • to check any tendency toward theft
  • to evaluate the ability to maintain discipline
  • to estimate the motivation to work
  • to estimate the diplomacy and awareness of subordination
  • to evaluate the propensity to get into a conflict with the leader and the level of aggressiveness
  • to reveal any alcohol or drug addiction
  • to evaluate the honesty and incorruptibility
  • to evaluate the propensity to ignore the established norms and rules

What are the benefits?
Unlike the polygraph, the system analyses not only the past events but also the propensity for any negative actions in the future and creates a possible model of behavior. The results are very precise.
This test allows us to find the candidates that best match your needs or check your personnel to ensure your safety.



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